Collaborative projects and exhibitions > Excavating History collective at the International Museum of Surgical Science "Body of work"

Body of Work was an exhibition and residency at the IMSS with the Excavating History Collective. Artists worked as a single collaboration by collectively excavating the museum's history and artifacts, via individual artists' specific pieces, as well as collective programming of readings, lecturers and museum tours.

Participating artists below:
Rebecca Keller
Liene Bosque
Joseph G. Cruz
Maral Hashemi
Rebecca Hernandez
Kristin Ginger
Amber Ginsburg
Elise Goldstein and Meredith Zielke
Erin Obradovich
Briana Schwetzer

contemporary art, museum critique, joseph G. Cruz, poster,
polymer impregnated skeleton and circulatory system display (from the "Our Bodies exhibition), digitally degraded and enlarged print, painters tape