selected work > "The Death of God left the Angels in a strange place." or "Across the Sky, came a Screaming"

A drawing of the night sky was created with the use of Sand from White Sands, NM and homemade charcoal created by burning declassified files regarding the U.S. Goverment's annexation of White sands NM, to turn it into a military base. The V2 was turned into a rocket and became the very first man made object to go to outerspace.

Joe cruz, historical sites, joseph g. cruz art, landscape photography,White sands, stars, new materialism, Evanston Art Center, society!, contemporary art,, drawing artifacts
"New Flammarion" (Detail), Sand from White Sands NM, Charcoal made from burnt ashes of de-classified files regarding the annexation of White Sands, on wood, 12 x 26, 2015
sand from White sands NM, charcoal made from the ashes of declassified files involving the V2 rocket,powdered gypsum from mittelwerk mine,