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72 Hrs. that changed the world
51*59'N 10*26'E
Inkjet photograph
22" x 18"

Schroeder Mine, Germany
14 tons of technological drawings
(the invention of the V2 missile) including
the invention of jet propulsion, the
first guided ballistic missiles, gyroscope
navigation and much more, were hidden
in a mine under this location at the end
of WW2. This technology was 30 years
ahead of the rest of the world. The U.S.
acquired this stash shortly before the
Soviets gained control of the area.

Working in collaboration with Dr. Mathew L. Sisk
(GIS Librarian, Center for Digital Scholarship, Hesburgh Libraries)
in locating the buried mine; using a historic memoir by Deiter Huzel and geographic resources through Notre Dame’s Center for Digital Scholarship, we were able to locate relatively accurate latitude and
longitude points for the mine. The mine was recently exhumed by a local group of
amateur mining historians.